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Personal Income (BEA-PCI)

Personal Income measure of per capita income from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Methodology and Glossary

Note: Personal income is a broader income measure than adjusted gross income used by the IRS (only those paying filing taxes and on taxable income) or money income (cash and cash equivalents) used by the ACS. Surveys like the ACS that give a per capita income (PCI) estimate are a bottom up approach/methodology where they ask households about the various pockets of money they receive and they’re added up and divided across the population. This results in a very different number between the PCI from the ACS and the PCI from the BEA.

For a better explanation of the differences in PCI definitions and methodologies between sources see pgs. I 10-i 12: https://www.bea.gov/regional/pdf/lapi2016.pdf

Available geographies include states, NC counties, workforce development boards (WDB), councils of government (COG), and prosperity zones.  State data is quarterly and other areas are annual.

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